Retired Navy SEAL offers courses on active shooter scenario training

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – Run, hide or fight. Those are the three things you are supposed to do if you are faced with an active shooter. But experts say you need to practice first.

Active shooter training courses have been around for years for police and even schools. But with the number of mass shootings on the rise recently, now regular people are taking the classes too.

“It used to be SWAT teams, federal agencies and people like that we would train and now, soccer moms,” explained retired Navy Seal Jimmy Graham.

He teaches courses on personal safety for people with and without handguns through scenario-based training.

“Active shooter scenarios where you actually engage in an active shooter scenario with an active threat, obviously with non-lethal training rounds, and then have the discussion and learn from having done it,” Graham said. “If you can simulate the real thing as close as possible that’s really where the learning begins.”

Graham says as the number of mass shootings continues to rise, similar training is more important than ever.

“As these things get worse and worse, they’re going to start showing up in the places that we never thought they would,” he said.

In November, a shooter killed three people inside a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs. In December, another incident happened in San Bernadino, California where 14 people were shot to death during a Christmas party. Experts say similar tragedies can happy anywhere at any time and suggest making safety plans now.

“The time to find that ideal hiding spot isn’t when there is a guy coming down the hallway with a gun,” Graham said. “When your blood is pumping and your adrenaline is going and you’re fleeing for your life, your thought process isn’t clear and you may choose a very, very poor spot.”

Graham has teamed up with the Centennial Gun Club to teach safety courses. They cover everything from how to protect your children to home invasions. You can find more information on his website

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