Problem Solvers: Thief steals mementos of 2-year-old girl who died of cancer

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ARVADA, Colo. – A family from Arvada is hoping a thief will find it in their heart to return some of the stolen items they snagged from a grieving mother’s vehicle on Sunday.

Traci Otterman’s two-year-old daughter Simone passed away on September 18th after a battle with cancer.

“She was Traci’s lifeline,” said close family friend, Suzanne Dumford. “And then [she] was taken away from her like that”.

Simone’s death has been difficult on the family; Especially for Traci. It was made even more difficult when a thief broke into Traci’s car at the Arvada YMCA.

The thief stole Traci’s purse, which was full of precious mementos that reminded Traci of Simone.

“The locker around her neck with Simone’s picture was stole and it means nothing to anyone else,” said Dumford.

Aside from the locket, a couple stones (imprinted with Simone’s picture) were also stolen. The purse also included a couple gift cards meant for an organization that helps children with cancer.

“That’s all we really want out of this to bring it back,” said Dumford.

The family is asking the thief drop the items off at the Arvada Police station or at the Arvada YMCA.

They’re not asking for the purse back, just the items.

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