Beware: Hackers targeting holiday shoppers

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DENVER -- For many people, Christmas shopping means pulling out the credit cards. But whether you crawl through the mall or let your fingers do the shopping online, this is the time of year when your card information is most likely to be swiped by hackers.

“People are actually more susceptible to getting hacked right now because they are more concerned about what they are getting for Christmas and not who's getting them," Colorado cyber security expert, Charles Tendell said, and for good reason. “Hackers are expecting you to not be paying attention, to be spending time with your families and not focused on your accounts and then, you make an easy target.”

But there are steps you can take to protect your information:

Monitor your accounts closely.

Use credit card rather than debit cards, that way if you are hacked the money won’t come out of your bank account. Tendell said credit card companies are also more likely to catch the fraudulent activity faster than your bank.

Set up a mobile alert on your cell phone. According to Tendell, “Every bank has that now, and those mobile alerts tell you tell you when a transaction happens on your card."

And if you do notice fraudulent activity, report it right away.

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