Youth football team supported by Problem Solvers gives back to community

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DENVER – A local group of kids is giving back to the community and it all started with the Fox 31 Denver Problem Solvers.

The Montbello Falcons Youth Football team reached out to the Problem Solvers for help earlier in December. They were invited to play in San Diego for a shot at the national title, but couldn’t afford to go. They were flooded with donations from Problem Solver viewers. Now, the team is paying it forward.

For the Montbello Falcons, teamwork isn’t just something they do on the field. Sunday night’s drill is all about giving and their practice field is a street corner in downtown Denver.

“We’re coming back and feeding the homeless,” explained player Naamon Owens.

The charity isn’t part of a non-profit or a service project for school.

“We needed support and we needed help in our tough times so we want to show everybody how thankful we are and give back,” Owens said.

Owens and his team are the best youth football team in Colorado for their age group. But, most of the players come from low-income families who could not afford to pay for the trip. That is when Fox 31 Denver Problem Solver viewers stepped in.

In just 48 hours, the team had raised more than $12,000 in a GoFundMe account and Southwest Airlines donated round trip airline tickets for the whole team.

“I’m thankful to this community for giving us money to GoFundMe and tickets because that just showed how much people cared,” Owens said.

The once needy group themselves, is now doing its part to solve problems for others.

“It gives me a different outlook because if I make it to the NFL then I will want to do the same thing in my community because I can look back on what they did now to get to where I am later,” said Owens.

The team leaves for San Diego the first weekend of January. There they will get the opportunity to take home the national 12U title.