New app helps you find deals for holiday meals

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DENVER -- The average American family will spend about $50 on a holiday meal this year.

But celebrating with family and friends doesn't have to break the bank and it doesn't mean you have to go from store to store to get the savings.

Local mother and business woman Eva Fry has created a new app that combines weekly sales in each store to find you the best place to shop.

“I come from a really big Greek family and food is a central part of our heritage and our culture,” she said.

For Fry, food and family go hand in hand

“I always grew up eating amazing meals during the holidays,” said Fry.

Food can be very expensive but Fry says you don't need a silver spoon to eat good food and you don't need to sell the silver to buy it.

“You really can save,” she said.

To help ease the pain at checkout Fry started scouring weekly ads but pinching pennies is time consuming.

“I don`t have time to go to multiple places,” she said.

That’s why she created an app called uGrocery that does the work for you.

“We've consolidated all of the weekly ads as well as the unadvertised sales in the store,” she said.

“You quickly create your shopping list and with the click of one button - like right now I have a shopping list of 27 items, If I click find lowest bill, it will do that real time price comparison for you and tell you the single best place to shop,” she said.

Shopping at Walmart shows Fry would pay $20 more for the exact same list.

“Every week I save about 40% on my shopping list,” she said.

And every week she may go to a new store.  It all depends on where the app shows she can save the most.

Fry says uGrocery users can save an average of $200 per month – or $2,400 per year – on groceries based on strategically shopping sales, using coupons and choosing the best store for your list.

The app uses real-time price comparisons to find the lowest bill based on your personal list.

At a time of year when time is money and money is tight Fry is hoping to help ease some burden.

“You`re buying holiday gifts, you`re hosting parties, so people are looking to cut costs anyway they can,” she said.

Fry says it all about stocking up when prices drop, creating your menus based on what’s on sale

Or to save even more think about doing a pot luck where everyone pitches in.