Man arrested after jumping fence, entering Treasury Building

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WASHINGTON — A man was arrested after he allegedly jumped a fence and entered the Treasury Building next to the White House late Friday night, the Secret Service said.

Authorities apprehended Christian Philippe Andre at the west entrance of the Treasury, a Secret Service spokeswoman said. Agents completed a full search of the exterior of the building and the White House grounds following the incident, but did not find anything. The first family was already en route to Honolulu, where they will spend the next two weeks.

Andre was transported to the Metropolitan Police Department for processing and charged with unlawful entry.

Several details, including Andre’s age, whether he has an attorney or a court date scheduled, were not immediately clear. A message left with MPD Saturday night was not immediately returned.

Friday’s incident was evocative of a September 2014 episode in which a man jumped a fence at the White House and made it all the way in the executive mansion. Omar Gonzalez was sentenced to 17 months in prison in June.

The Treasury Building breach also comes nearly three weeks after the House Oversight Committee issued a damning report on the agency, extensively outlining embarrassing security breaches, misconduct and low morale and deeming the Secret Service an “agency in crisis.”

The report found there had been 143 breaches in the past decade, detailing publicized events such as the 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia and the armed security guard with a criminal record who boarded an elevator with President Barack Obama. It also mentioned several previously-undisclosed incidents, including one involving a man who posed as a member of Congress at a Congressional Black Caucus event who entered a backstage security area and spoke with Obama.

The report found that the agency was understaffed and recommended it immediately hire more personnel.

The U.S. Secret Service says a review into Friday’s incident is underway.