Options for Star Wars stuff as big as a galaxy

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DENVER -- With already record crowds cued up to see The Force Awakens, The Star Wars stuff that's available seems endless.  There are a lot of action figures and cars and makeup and well,  the retail options are as big as a galaxy.

“Oh my gosh, look out.” That’s the reaction of Metropolitan State University Marketing Professor Darrin Duber-Smith. “It used to be when you got a brand this strong that has this much value you’re going to try to license everything you possibly can.”

Just go to the Amazon.com Star Wars Store, for example. There you will find games, books, Blu-ray, toys and collectibles, apparel and costumes, shoes and accessories, home and kitchen, even a Star Wars costume for your Cocker Spaniel.  It’s called co-branding. “It’s kind of using each other to market each other.  This is something we haven’t really seen in this volume.”

But what is the next generation of Star Wars fans interested in?  We spoke to Star Wars fan Tanner, who is six years old. “Do you want a light saber?  Yes!  Do you want your very own Wookie?  Yes!  Do you want a planet?  Yes!  Do you want Darth Vader’s costume?  Yes, I already have it!”

Are there any limits to Star Wars co-branding?  Apparently not after seeing two storm troopers and R2-D2 at a press conference with the United States president.