Lincoln Street salon leads effort to boost season of giving and gets something in return

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DENVER -- Meredith Bagnulo cherishes spending time with her family and takes nothing for granted since beating breast cancer.  It was a tough road, she says, “I didn't believe it I was very scared and worried in terms of my future and how it was going to affect my family.”

Meredith lost her hair during chemotherapy, so last Christmas, her family wore colorful wigs to show their support.

Now Meredith’s hair is growing back and it is time for a fresh start.  “For many breast cancer patients losing your hair is like losing your identity.”

Stefano DeCarlo of Rita B. Salon is organizing an effort to galvanize businesses in the Lincoln Street corridor of downtown Denver to make a difference. He and salon owner Scott Lobben, colorist Matt Vitale joined makeup artist Pauline Castro from neighboring business  Glamour Bar to provide Meredith with a makeover and some extra special attention.

“We want to do all we can, she certainly deserves it and so do many other people out there who need our help,” DeCarlo said.

Meredith said the experience was quite a treat. “It is really nice to have that pampering and have people treat you like you’re beautiful.”

The team of stylists said Meredith has true beauty and strength and they are the ones who  appreciate the opportunity to meet her.

Lobben pointed out, “everyone in the salon knows someone who's been affected by breast cancer and it's very important that we bring attention to that.”

Other businesses jumping on the bandwagon included Drip Denver coffee bistro.

DeCarlo said the idea is to get the ball rolling so businesses along Lincoln Street can make a difference in their own way and added, “I challenge … neighboring businesses to do the same thing.”