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Problem Solvers: Woman gives couple money to replace car seats taken in vehicle theft

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DENVER -- Things went bad for Chrystal Martinez and her husband quickly when someone stole  their 1999 Dodge Durango from outside their home. It had four child car seats the couple must have to transport the kids around town. But things started looking up a day later.

FOIX31 Problem Solvers brought you the story Wednesday night of the SUV being stolen. A day later, FOX31 viewer Deana Kearns was so touched, “…I wanted to help them out. I’m getting emotional,” she said.

So during Kearns' lunch break Thursday, she went to her bank and made a withdrawal.

She then handed an envelope to Chrystal Martinez, “I got you a $500 gift card. A US Bank gift card so you can go buy what you need and what’s appropriate for your children, and maybe a little extra for Christmas.”

Martinez responded with tears in her eyes, “This means a lot for me and my family right now.”

Martinez and her husband will have to buy another used vehicle to replace their stolen Dodge Durango.

But child car seats, for safety reasons, should be bought brand new. And thanks to Deana Kearns' generous gift, there was a little left over for Christmas gifts.

“That’s what I was worried about was the car seats. We can get rides here and there until we get another vehicle situation.”

Thanks to FOX31 Problem Solvers and our generous viewers like Deana Kearns, Christmas will still in fact come for the Martinez family.