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Mother of conjoined twin plans to sue Children’s Hospital

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AURORA, Colo. -- The mother of a conjoined twin plans to sue Children's Hospital Colorado.

Amber McCullough told FOX31 Denver that Children's Hospital staff is only letting her see her surviving twin three hours a day after being allowed unlimited access for the first four months after the baby girl was born.

She said the move came one day after she filed a complaint with the State Health Department. Her complaint said nurses waited too long to call a doctor when her daughter started spewing blood from her neck because of a ruptured incision.

"I almost feel like at the administration level they have decided that she is their lab rat. I understand she is a rare medical anomaly. I get that but above all she`s my daughter," McCullough said.

The hospital denies retaliation.

In a statement, Children's Hospital said it limited Amber's access to her daughter because she "compromised the healthcare team's ability to provide care for the patient."

McCullough hired an attorney and he has warned the hospital he plans to sue for the state maximum of $900,000.

The woman from Minnesota came to Colorado to deliver her conjoined twins. One of them could not survive, and both were at risk without the separation surgery performed at Children's Hospital.