How they handled big snow in south Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. -- While Tuesday's snowstorm hit the entire region pretty hard, south Aurora had it even worse.

Just how bad was it?

"Treacherous. Very. I mean you can't get around, it's too icy," said Jeff Bruce, a snowplow driver who came up from Colorado Springs to help clear the roads. "We've been at it since 2:30 [a.m.] and they're saying we're not getting off until God only knows when."

The real drama that played out was when people got stuck. A demand for traction brought reaction.

"Yesterday was just beautiful and they say we may have some snow ... and we do have 8 inches. I was not expecting this," said Celesyin Bitgonck, who got stuck on Arapahoe Road.

She's from Africa and wasn't expecting a push from some new friends either. Even police officers who weren't dressed for the heavy snow got into the act, helping motorists to try to clear the roadways of stuck vehicles.

The roads got more icy and snow-packed as the day progressed. In the neighborhoods, families tackled some chores since there was no school.

"Last I heard it was supposed to be done by now and now they're saying we're going to get another seven more hours of this so we did not expect anywhere near this much snow," Mike Bomgaars said.

His son, David, wasn't complaining. He thought it was pretty nice to have a day off from school. Neighbor Yelena Ovanesyan decided not to try the commute.

"I didn't expect it but just by some virtue I just picked up my laptop and decided to work from home and I was really happy that I did that," she said.

The first really big snow of the season is just a matter of perspective.

"It's OK, I don't mind," Ovanesyan said. "I love snow. I'm from St. Petersburg [Russia]."

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