Vocal bar brawl goes down during Broncos game

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DENVER, --  The Broncos didn’t do too well on Sunday, losing to the Oakland Raiders, 15-12. But some fans were part of the vocal bar brawl going at Stoney’s in Denver.

As usual, the bar was packed with football buffs on Sunday. Most of them were Broncos fans, but others were decked out in Patriots, Chargers and Saints gear -- rooting for the Raiders because they despised the Broncos.

There seems to be a bit of Broncos jealousy in Denver. The team had been doing so well the past few weekends that anti-Broncos peeps were doing and saying whatever they could to tear the team apart.

“My favorite teams are the Chargers, Saints and anyone playing the Broncos,” said Jamie Perry, who was sporting a Saints jersey.

Perry was sitting with a friend who was a Broncos fan. It wasn't clear what food she ordered, but it wouldn't be a surprise if it it was a peanut butter and jelly (emphasis on jelly) sandwich. After all, it’s easy for folks -- especially fans whose teams aren’t doing well -- to get jealous.

“The fans have not been that great,” Perry said, referring to Broncos followers.

“Oh yeah, Raiders fans can bite it!” said Scott Boyer, who sat a few tables down. “They have no souls."

Maybe he’s right. It takes a lot of nerves to go into a heavily populated Broncos bar in Denver and start spouting anti-Broncos slurs.

“Cheaters!” yelled a man named Chris.

To put this next part into context, Chris was wearing a Patriots jersey yelling "Cheaters" at the Broncos. Kinda seems a tad bit ironic, don’t ya think?

“You know, that’s kind of funny coming from a Patriots fan” one could hear someone saying nearby.

Everyone has their teams, their team spirit and the way they go about rooting and tooting on other teams.

Here’s to next week.

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