Community continues to rally behind injured Denver police officer

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- The outpouring of community support continues to extend its helping hand for an injured Denver police officer.

And those hands, no doubt, offer up good strong handshakes.

That’s because the exercise community of Officer Tony Lopez Jr. united to honor him and raise money for his recovery at CrossFit Loop in Castle Rock.

With every pound, every jump and every grimace, a group of fitness fanatics knows the weight they carry can’t compare to the weight on the shoulders of Lopez.

“We want to honor him. We got your back. We know what you're going through is harder than what we are. But we want you to know, we all here for you,” said Lee Eisenheim, CrossFit Loop owner.

Lopez nearly died Tuesday after he was shot five times, allegedly by driver Jason Wood, 36, during a traffic stop.

”Tony Lopez is a hero to me personally, as well as to our community. So we wanted to come together support him and his family," CrossFit coach Korby Smith said.

So they raised the bar on physical fitness along with money for the Lopez family.

“This is the first time it’s really hit close to home for me,” Eisenheim said.

The athletes worked out their wallets and bodies.

“The whole point of workout Tony Lopez, who is a good friend of ours in the community, his badge number is 0827.  So we are going to have eight people going per heat, do 27 reps,” Smith said.

Each person did 27 reps each of assorted exercises, repeating for 10 minutes. It is a challenging workout — as tough as the friend they’ve come to support.

“He’s one of the best athletes I’ve worked out with. Extremely strong, extremely driven,” Smith said.

“He is someone who always pushed me, always a tough competitor I have no doubt he is going to get through this one way or the other,” Eisenheim said.

Dozens of people showed up to CrossFit Loop, raising close to $2,000 for Lopez and his family.

His friends hope he gets out of the hospital in the next week after a third surgery on his leg on Friday.

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