POLL: North Dakota teen’s senior photo with gun banned from yearbook

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FARGO, N.D. — A North Dakota father of a student whose photo submission for his high school’s yearbook was rejected has taken his concerns to Facebook.

Fargo North High School Principal Andy Dahlen said the photo of 17-year-old Josh Renville, pictured holding a rifle and standing in front of an American flag, goes against school policy, which does not allow students to “wear clothing that depicts guns or weapons or any violence or drugs or alcohol.” He says Josh must submit a new photo.

But Josh’s father, Charlie Renville, disagrees. He took to Facebook on Tuesday to launch a diatribe on what he says is the school principal pushing his own political agenda.

“What item is illegal in this picture? I see a kid that loves his nation, loves free speech and loves the second the 2nd Amendment,” Charlie Renville writes. “The rifle is a rifle he built and it is his favorite rifle. Dahlen just doesn’t like rifles, he doesn’t believe in or support the second Amendment. He is a far left progressive who is using his position to promote his political agenda and push it on our children.”

Photo: Charlie Renville/Facebook

Photo: Charlie Renville/Facebook

Renville posted his son’s photo to Facebook with a claim that Dahlen has “singled out” his family over the years because of their “traditional conservative values and beliefs.”

Renville concluded his posting with a call for Principal Dahlen to be fired.

“In my opinion he is out of control and morally bankrupt person who has been in his position way to long!” the father sai. “Enough is enough he needs to be fired! So begins the fight for freedom……. we are only as strong as our weakest link!”

As of Friday morning, Mr Renville’s tirade has been shared more than 1,500 times.

Renville has been a member of the Air National Guard for 30 years, and says his son plans to sign up as well at the end of the month.

In an interview with local daily newspaper Fargo Forum, Dahlen explained that his decision to reject Joshua Renville’s photo from publication in the school yearbook was based on three provisions in the school’s policy:

One rule bans the carrying of weapons on school property; another prohibits publishing of materials in school-sponsored media “that violates federal or state law, promotes violence, terrorism, or other illegal activity…” and a third bans clothing that advertises or promotes weapons.

While none of the provisions of school policy specifically addresses publishing photos of weapons in the yearbook, Dahlen said it is the “combination of those three policies that we’ve interpreted prevent it.”

In the wake of the controversy sparked by the gun-toting picture, Dahlen said the school policy would likely be revised to make it more explicit.

In the meantime, the Daily Mail reports Dahlen said he has spoken with Charlie Renville over the phone and they have scheduled a face-to-face meeting to try and work out their differences.

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