Supreme Court to rule on freedom of man sent back to prison due to clerical error

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DENVER – The Colorado Supreme Court will hear arguments Thursday that could free a man from prison -- for the second time.

It’s a complicated case.

Rene Lima-Marin was released from prison in 2008 after serving time for a 1998 conviction of robbery, burglary and kidnapping. He was 19 at the time.

During the time he was free, he turned his life around, found a job, got married and became a father -- only to be sent back for additional 90 years when it was determined that his release was the result of a clerical error by an Arapahoe County clerk.

“You know you’re living your life and one day, then out of the blue, your whole life is turned around, your whole family’s ripped apart,” his wife Jasmine Lima-Marin said. “You’re trying to explain to your kids what’s going on and it’s been really hard.”

His wife Jasmine Lima-Marin says she's hopeful about the outcome of tomorrow's hearing.

"I know that I hurt every single day but iI can't even imagine how much pain he's in. I know his has to be 100 times worse than what I'm feeling,” said Jasmine.

Dozens of faith leaders protested Wednesday in favor of Lima-Marin’s release, presenting a moral document they had all signed which they said is a rallying cry for Coloradoans to stand up against injustice in the state.

The man with whom Lima-Marin was convicted is still serving his 98-year sentence.