Police officer helps buy homeless family a car

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A California family gets an early Christmas gift -- all thank to a police chief and his family.

Tim Conn and his family are homeless and needed a new car. A Good Samaritan offered to sell the car to the family at a deep discount.

And when Chief Aaron Easton heard that, he sat his kids down and asked if they were okay with him spending their Christmas budget for the needy family.

“To their credit I have some great kids and all of them said, 'Absolutely. Let's help this family out." Said Easton.

"It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it,” said Conn. “My wife, when we first met (Aaron), cried on his shoulder. We call him our guardian angel.”

And the generosity didn't stop there.

The chief invited Conn's two daughters to walk in the town's Christmas parade.