Little boy tries returning lost money

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. – An eight-year-old boy from Northern Colorado is being praised for his actions after he stumbled upon a large sum of cash.

Instead of keeping the money for himself, Bridger Yett decided to find its rightful owner.

“I’m hoping that whoever lost it will get it,” the boy said.

At first, Yett and his mom tried searching for its owner in a nearby store. But after that effort turned up empty, Yett brought the money to the Fort Collins Police Department.

“They [Police] said I was very kind,” Yett said.

Investigators and Yett won’t say how much money was discovered; simply because they want its rightful owner to be able to identify it. They won’t even say where it was discovered in Fort Collins (the owner has to identify that too).

Bridger Yett said it’s important he finds the person who lost the money.

“Knowing that could be used for something very useful like repayments on your house, or bills,” the boy said.

Bridger’s mom isn’t surprised. She said her son is very thoughtful and would expect others to do the same thing.

“He’s just a good kid,” Laura Yett said.

Bridger Yett isn’t asking for anything in return. Just that whoever the money belongs to, has a happy holiday.