Mall Santa uses sign language to ask for little girl’s Christmas wish

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MIDDLESBROUGH, England — A mall Santa met a little girl who was not able to speak, but the jolly big man found another way to ask her what she wanted for Christmas: sign language.

The girl climbed onto Santa’s lap over the weekend, the Cleveland Centre said in a Facebook post. When the girl’s mother told Santa that she doesn’t speak well, Santa asked if she knows any sign language and then began signing with the little girl.

The girl’s face lit up as she and Santa had a conversation.

The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube, with people commenting on social media that it brought them joy.

“How heartwarming is this … the true meaning of Christmas … beautiful,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Congrats you just made a 40 year old man squee over his 1st cup of coffee. That is ADORABLE!!!” wrote a YouTube user.

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