Pest company charges $2,000, fails to get rid of bedbugs

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DENVER -- Bedbugs have plagued a family’s home in Aurora for more than 10 months. They borrowed $2,000 from a 401(k) to pay a company to get rid of the problem, but the bugs are still there and the company isn’t responding.

The company, Heat Treat, appears to be shut down and is under review by the Better Business Bureau.

“It’s affected our whole lifestyle,” father Gene Alloway said.

It has been three months since Heat Treat guaranteed to get rid of the bugs for $2,000. The Alloway family left the house for a couple days after the treatment, and when they returned, the bedbugs were still there.

“You’re sitting on the couch and you have five or six bites on your arm three hours later,” Alloway said.

The family also said their clothes were taken out of the drawers and scattered around the house, and furniture was flipped over.

“I started doing searches on Google and Yelp and we’re not the only ones this company has done this to,” Eva Alloway said.

The family, along with FOX 31, has attempted to contact the company with no response.

“We don’t have that kind of money,” Gene Alloway said. “With Christmas and the holidays, it’s just impossible. The company Heat Treat didn’t honor their guarantee.”

The FOX31 Problem Solvers wanted to help, and so did pest control company Presto X. Presto X heard about the Alloways' story and have offered to take care of the problem.

“I think the world has kind of lost the Christmas spirit and what it’s all about and this brings that back,” Eva Alloway said.

Presto X scheduled to visit the Alloway house the next day.

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