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New details emerge in case of parents accused of starving 6-year-old daughter

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- A 6-year old girl forced to wear pull-up diapers even though she had been potty trained: That was among the new details revealed today against an Evergreen couple accused of starving their adopted child.

A judge at the Jefferson County Courthouse Thursday bound the parents over for trial.

New disturbing allegations were aired in court about how a 6-year girl ended up weighing just 25 pounds when she was brought to Children's Hospital in June.

Thursday a detective testified that Jason and Katie Barton not only admitted withholding food from their oldest child but may have done it because they didn't want the adopted girl to turn out like her birth mother, who was supposedly six feet tall and weighed 400 pounds.

The 6-year-old girl was forced to run laps in her driveway before she could have food and that only stopped allegedly because the neighbors noticed and got suspicious.

The detective said the girl's 4-year old brother said food was sometimes withheld from him as punishment too.

The parents admitted putting padlocks on the refrigerator, the freezer and the pantry to make sure their 6-year old didn't sneak food.

Even after the couple brought her to Children's Hospital in June, medical staff noticed the mother taunting the girl, drinking her favorite chocolate milk in front of her and saying there was none left… for a girl doctors said resembled a concentration camp survivor.

At 6 years old, she had the weight of a 2-year-old and the height of a  3-year-old, so malnourished that the temples on the side of her brain were concaving inward from lack of food.

And yet the detective testified the mother's biggest concern to doctors wasn't the girl's weight, it was her so called manipulative behavior and autism.

Though doctors later determined the girl doesn't have autism.

In the meantime, Katie Barton gave birth to a baby in September, two months after she was arrested.

Jason and Katie Barton were released from jail after each posted a $25,000 bond.

The couple's 2 adopted and 2 biological children are in state custody.