Giant Christmas decor arrives in time for holiday season

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- When you are out and about during the Christmas season, chances are you see them. Giant wreaths, giant trees and bows, giant gift boxes. Kind of makes you wonder, who makes this stuff?

Jenn Vanini, owner of Alpine Artisan Studios does, “If somethings big, it’s gotta look big.” She says. Hotels, resorts, shopping centers, even entire cities. If it’s Christmas and a commercial property, chances are Vanini’s company had something to do with it. Alpine Artisan Studios client base is world-wide, with customers from Canada to Puerto Rico, “When we went on property, {Puerto Rico}, and did a design spec we came up with the idea to put a forty foot tree over a double wide escalator.”

So, how exactly do they create all these Christmas giants? Some things they will show you, but most they cannot because they are industry secrets.

The next time you are at the historic Brown Palace hotel in Denver for high tea, look around and up. Christmas spirit brought to you by Alpine Artisan Studios, “Inside the Brown Palace hangs from nine stories, the stained glass ceiling, the great big chandelier.” So how much does that cost? Vanini laughs and says, “That’s a nice question.”

Actually, creating the Christmas spirit with light, sound and texture?