Cut smartphone data usage in half with app

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Data caps are a major pain!  Unfortauntely they are also a fact of life for many of us.  A new update to the Opera Max app is designed to help cut down on one of the biggest data munchers; streaming media.

Opera Max re-encodes video and music from certain apps before it arrives on your phone.  It takes a data hungry stream and turns it into a much lighter stream.  It turns MP3 or MP4 audio into a slimmer AAC+ stream.  Sure, this won’t sound quite as good but I would argue that most of us wouldn’t notice the difference.  Even if you do, it might be worth it to avoid getting dinged with data overage fees.

The service only works with certain streaming apps including Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Slacker and a few others.

The new Opera Max app is free on Android right now.

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