Kat Von D's Tattoo Pencil

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Tattoos are forever, but what if you could erase it just for the day for a big event like a wedding or party? Kat Von D, a world renowned tattoo artist has created a pencil that claims to do just that. It says, “No one has to see what you don’t want them to see” on the package, but does it work?

Celebrity makeup artist Michael Moore puts it to the test.

Kat Von D is best known for her artistry and body-coverings tats, but she’s also making a name for herself as an entrepreneur. “She`s a tattoo artist who dabbles in makeup on the side, in many ways,” said Moore.

She’s created a line of makeup that she calls long-wear, high-pigment formulas. One in particular is supposed to erase your tattoos, at least for the day.  “I know she did start with the tattoo cover-up and then she branched off.”

Of course who better to design a product to cover up some ink, than someone covered in it.

Moore explained, “So when you’re using this, make sure you fill in your whole tattoo area. Blend it out with your finger, like in a tapping motion.”

Moore said the tattoo eraser is great for blue and gray tattoos, but it may not work well for ink with color.  “You really want find something that when you have got red, actually had green in it. You want to find something that has more pink when you have green in the tattoo,” he said.

And, it’s not a one-step process. “It’s basically three steps,” Moore said. After the pencil, you still need to apply waterproof foundation that matches your skin tone, then powder to set it. “You might find if you do a little foundation and then a little more of this, that you`ll get a better result.”

Overall, Moore said it’s great for small tattoos, but if you have a sleeve or something larger to cover, it’s best to go to the experts. “Make sure you go to somebody that`s going to do an airbrush on that, it`s going to be much quicker and much simpler for you.”

The tattoo eraser is available at Sephora stores for $14.

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