Witness in armed bank robbery describes how she helped police

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- This is one remarkable woman.

She says the scream masks that you see the men wearing caused them difficulty seeing out of the side of their masks and so she does not believe that the men saw her when they ran by.

Even so, this is a citizen we can all be proud of.

“I was in bank making a deposit,” she describes just a normal day at the bank that went wrong.

She couldn't control what happened. But she could control what happened next.

“I knew it from the instance that they came in and told us to hold our hands up and one asked for the manager,” she said. “I did think about my family but I also thought I wanted to help in that way.”

This woman, who asked FOX31 Denver not to identify her, was inside a Lakewood 1st Bank Wednesday when men -- believed to be the same men caught on tape robbing a bank in September -- rushed the bank in what police call a takeover style robbery.

“There was screaming annd chaos from the tellers and bank people,” she said.

The men jumped counters, locked employees in the vault and when the masks didn't cause panic - guns and terror did.

“He had a bag in his right hand and a semi-auto in his left and I was this close to him and to the gun…” she said. “Instinct set in and I ran. I ran out of the bank.”

By doing that, she was able to help police. They eventually swarmed the bank and were able to arrest one later that day.

“I went around and called 911 and helped the police at that point,” she said. “I followed them to Jewell and then police took over at that point.”

During it all, she thought about her children.

“They always go through your mind whatever you do in life,” she said.

It's the reason she did the right thing and it's the reason tonight police say she's a hero.

“I feel good about what I did,” she said.