Living Proof by Jennifer Aniston

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It’s all about haircare as we continue our series on celebrity-owned beauty lines on Daybreak. The popular Living Proof line is co-owned by a woman who inspired a cult haircut and style, Jennifer Aniston.


Her product, blowout, claims to make hair drying faster and easier all the while protecting your hair from high heat. We took it to the experts at Matthew Morris Salon & Skincare to see if it can live up to the famous Friends’ ‘do.

Our own Traffic Anchor, Vicky Evans, says she dries and curls her hair every day. Not only is it time-consuming, but can be damaging as well. “If you save me five minutes of sleep, awesome!” Vicky said.


Stylist Chrissy Neidig at Matthew Morris explained the process, “We’re going to do half of her head with the Living Proof and then half of it with our Shu product that`s straight forward,” she said. “This one has heat protectant in it, ours doesn`t, so we`re gonna use this heat protectant with it.”


Neidig says the heat protectant is essential because blow-dry sprays contain alcohol to speed up the drying process, but in turn, can also dry out the hair.


After several minutes of drying on each side, the results: Neidig said blowout, “actually dried before I got to the blow-drying part.” She said blowout also made it harder for the brush to get through Vicky’s hair.

Vicky said, “My goal is always volume and bounce so the product on the right definitely gave me that,” she said referring to the Shu product sold at Matthew Morris. Vicky added, “The product on the left, it almost dried too fast, so it`s a little flat,” she said referring to blowout.


Neidig says it ultimately comes down to your hair and style needs, “It would be time-saving depending on what your routine was, but I would definitely recommend using something else with it for heat protectant because I don`t think the heat protectant is as adequate as it should have been.”


Blowout is sold at Ulta for $24. The Living Proof line can be found in several beauty stores.