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Colorado company making its mark with i-Splack

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DENVER -- A Colorado company is taking the field by storm with a new product that could impact your athletic performance.

When you're watching a University of Colorado or Broncos game, take a closer look under the helmet. The uniforms might be issued by the NCAA or NFL, but the eye black comes from Boulder.

It's called i-Splack and it's leaving a new mark on the industry. I-Splack is the brainchild of J.P. O'Brien with a marketing assist from Justin Bannan, who played for the Buffaloes and Broncos.

"I sat down with the Broncos equipment guy and he was like, 'We threw everything else in the trash. This is all we use," Bannan said.

His connections to the rest of the league took it from there.

"Last season, I got it out to 10 NFL teams and the replies were great," Bannan said.

I-Splack is just one example of a popular product that is coming through a massive BlackLab Sports warehouse.

"A lot of entrepreneurs are great at identifying what the market needs, but they're having a hard time going to market," Bannan said.

The company goal is to have a hand in the process every step of the way.

I-Splack comes in several colors, including Broncos orange and blue. But this brand is easier on the skin and easier to take off.

"There's no chemicals in it," Bannan said. "Other eye blacks have parabons that have been linked to breast cancers, many cancers, so when parents are putting this stuff on their children, you know, it's really a health issue. We actually create our product that does not have those chemicals in it."

Pink also pops, especially during October's big Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was so popular, it was tough to keep it in stock.

"If kids go to buy anything where it requires any type of eye paint, they'll buy i-Splack," Bannan said.

So whether you're watching games in person or on the couch, remember: Dreams do come true on the field and on the face.