Aurora to tighten up police station security following threats

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AURORA, Colo. -- Aurora Police are beginning to "fence-in" lots for safety -- not because of the recent shooting of a police officer in Downy, Calif., but rather a number of threats and incidents in District parking lots used by officers and civilian police workers,

“We just think it now makes sense to make things safer for employees and officers,” said Commander Michael Dailey. “Keeping our facilities safe is critical in these days and times. We've found people at all hours of the day and night wandering through our parking lot, looking in the police car windows... suspicious activity in the parking lots.”

Now, thanks to new Chief Nick Metz, things are changing.

District 1 got a new card access security fence this summer, new lights and cameras also went up around the facility on the Fitzsimmons campus. Up next, will be Districts 2 and 3—on Chambers and Alameda, along with the sub-station on Arapahoe and Aurora Parkway. City Councilors are looking for ways to come up with funding needed to make improvements at both locations.

In the short term, Metz has hired private security to police our police lots to help keep them safe.

Metz called phoned-in threats to his agency “chilling,” which is what got things moving to make the officers' workplaces safe.

While there is no exact timetable for the changes to take place, officers all seemed to like the fact that there is movement to protect those who serve and protect.