Does the Kardashian's Instant Sunless Spray work?

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TV and magazine ads are chock full of A-listers endorsing beauty products, but many own their own brands. One of the hottest families; the Kardashians; take full advantage of their celebrity status and have created their own beauty line named after themselves. One of the more popular products in their arsenal is their Sunkissed line. We decided to test the instant sunless spray to see if we could get a California Kardashian beach-bronzed glow.

Kim Kardashian told the magazine, US Weekly, that a good fake tan is her secret weapon. Celebrity makeup artist Michael Moore says it’s no surprise they created a self-tanning line. “I do believe the Kardashian sisters do use their own product,” he said. “They don’t want to be outside in the sun all the time, or unsafely when they’re out there.”

Moore tested the tanning product on our segment producer Nancy Melear. He said,  “You always want to make sure you use this about ten inches away from the body,” Moore said. “Even though it’s a spray, I still like to take my hand on that side and rub this in place.”

“What’s so nice about this one in particular is that it is an oil type substance so it instantly gives her more hydration,” Moore said. Melear agreed, “It makes my skin soft.” It also gave Melear a slightly bronzed look to her already suntanned arm. “It just really warmed her up,” Moore said.

What about using it on someone with a little less natural color? Our own Daybreak anchor, Kim Posey, said,  “I’m a pale, pasty, freckly girl.” She’s a self-tanning first-timer and decided to give it a shot.  “Here we go, I’ve never done this before. Let’s see what we think. Oh my,” Posey exclaimed!

But, seconds later, a golden sun-kissed look.  “I think it looks pretty natural, it feels soft,” she said.

The only problem; what many self-tanning gurus know all too well; sometimes the application isn’t perfect. Posey said, “You can see on my arm there where there was that line, and it was obvious that I’d used something.”

The Kardashian line can be found at Ulta and Sephora. The spray tan is about $20.

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