Outrage grows after VA construction officials received $142 million in bonuses

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AURORA, Colo. -- There is outrage from Colorado congressional leaders over bonuses doled out by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Millions of dollars in taxpayer money went to executives and employees while the VA has been rocked by scandal and cost overruns, including at the long-delayed VA hospital in Aurora.

The hospital in Aurora is still under construction and way over budget. Yet the VA paid out more than $142 million in bonus money last year.

The project is now close to $1 billion over budget. The project has even been shut down at times because there have been so many problems.

Yet some of the managers in charge of the construction have taken home bonuses of $4,000 to $8,000 each.

“The mere fact are that there are managers in the VA that had fingerprints on the project that got a bonus when they should have been fired,” Congressman Mike Coffman said. “It’s incredible. It’s offensive to veterans and taxpayers of this country.”

More than 150,000 VA employees and executives received some kind of bonus money in 2014.

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