Wild Workouts: Surfset

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Working out doesn’t get more wild than adding a surfboard! In 2012 the SurfSET fitness concept was pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank. It’s a whole workout done on a surfboard in order to target stabilizer muscles and intensify basic gym moves. After getting an investment by Marc Cuban, SurfSET has taken off and has been introduced in Denver metro area at 212 Degrees Fitness in Littleton. Chris Tomer and I took a class. The surfboard balance on a base and 3 medicine balls to make it unsteady. There are up to 3 resistance bands tethered on each side that you can use to adjust the stability. Throughout the class the core and stabilizer muscles are firing nonstop and it takes an ordinary workout up a notch. For class schedule and information on 212 Degress Fitness CLICK HERE.

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