Officials: Two men break into cars, use stolen credit cards to buy alcohol

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Law enforcement investigators need help to identify two men who are breaking into cars parked at popular parks, including Red Rocks.

Deputies say the thieves used stolen credit cards and cash to purchase alcohol at local convenience stores where cameras captured images of them.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office released the pictures hoping someone could identify them.

“She walked away and found the window smashed and glass all over place,” said Norm Cygon, whose niece’s car was one of those targeted. “They immediately started using her credit cards and put a stop on it.”

The Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center's president learned about one of the break-ins last week.

They aren't alone; the thieves also hit cars in the Red Rocks parking lot.

Deputies say the thieves wait for people to leave their cars and then break in, stealing valuables left behind.