Gridiron Grill: Asian Hanger Steak

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Chef Troy Guard shows us how to make a Asian Hanger Steak.

1# new York striploin.

½ c less salt soy ( yamasa brand )

1/3 c rice vinegar

2T sugar

2T mince garlic

2 t sesame oil

1 t sambal chile paste ( olek )

1 t korean chile paste

Whisk all together and then Marinate meat overnight then grill. Should have a nice char flavor



½# baby carrots with tops. ( cut tops off, use for salsa )

Char grill with marinade ( 2 T miso, 1 T white balsamic vinegar, 1 T carrot tops, 1 T smoked honey )



1 c soy beans ( shelled )

1 c pickled cucumbers ( see recipe )

½ c dice tomato, no seeds ( ½ by ½ inch )

¼ rough chop cilantro with stem in .

¼ chopped carrot tops







Cucumbers :

4 English cucumbers, ½ by ½ inch chunks, no seeds

2 jalapenos, slice thin

2 c scallions, thin slice

1 T ginger, mince

1 t garlic, mince

1.5 T koshar salt

Sugar 1/3 c

Soy sauce ( same brand as above ) 2 c

Rice wine vinegar 1 c

Sesame oil 2 T


  • Place last 4 ingredients- sugar, soy, sesame oil and rice vinegar in bowl , mix well. Pour over all other ingredients
  • Cucumbers are not to sit longer than 3 hours or they become mushy. Pour sauce on cucumbers prior to serving.


  • After cooking steak to perfection.. slice , put on plate, layer all other ingredients over the steak.