Not a flake in sight on the 18th anniversary of 1997 blizzard

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DENVER -- As October nearly comes to a close, there has been no snowfall this season in the metro Denver area.

Mountain areas and higher elevations were just beginning to get their first taste of snow a few weeks ago.

Temperatures this fall have been unseasonably warm, but native Coloradans know October is arguably sometimes the worst month for snowstorms.

At least many locals remember one storm in particular.

The Colorado Blizzard of 1997 brings back frozen memories for longtime residents.

On Oct. 24, 1997, Colorado was pounded with a devastating storm, with several feet of snow burying cities and turning them into a winter not-so-wonderful land.

Cars were buried and trapped under multiple feet of snow. People were stranded, businesses turned cold and all were just trying to stay warm. Many cities across Colorado were shut down due to the severity of this storm.

As Saturday marked the 18th anniversary of the storm, Colorado’s major urban cities still are waiting for this year's first snow.

However, change is coming and snow could be in the forecast soon.

If you remember the 1997 Colorado blizzard, share your pictures with us.  


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