Wasp worries overwhelming Denver neighborhoods

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DENVER -- A pesky pest is generating a big buzz in neighborhoods across the Denver metro area. Wasps are invading homes, creating more problems than usual.

Beeline Pest Control has been inundated with calls.  Exterminators with the company said fall is usually the season when the insects are most active. That’s because they’re busy building nests for the winter when they go dormant.

“They’re looking for a place to hibernate. They're looking for a place to put the queen,” said Nate Urie with Beeline Pest Control. "They build them faster this time of year because they fill the urgency, where in the summer it's just a place to hang out and make some kids."

Urie says wasps have been especially active this fall in Colorado because of the unseasonably warm weather.

Area homeowners like John Allen have noticed.

“You can see hundreds in a day. This is the worst they've been in 10 years,” said Allen, who lives in Littleton.

Allen hired Beeline Pest Control to remove the insects from his home, knowing how dangerous they can be.

“We have three kids and our oldest, about five to six years ago, was in a situation where she was around a bunch of wasps and stung 50 to 60 times and she had a bad reaction to it," Allen said.

Urie said there are sprays and traps that homeowners can buy at retail stores to get rid of wasps. If you purchase a spray to eliminate them, he recommends soaking the nest.

“It just has to be drenched,” he said.

But he acknowledges it can be difficult to get close to the nest to apply the product, which is why he recommends calling a professional if you want to avoid getting stung.