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Overprotective father takes hilarious photo with daughter’s date — with threat

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BANGOR, Wis. — A Wisconsin father followed through on a statement he made to his daughter’s date to a dance.

Ricarra Schock got a pre-dance photo taken with her boyfriend when her father Benjamin jumped in. Benjamin Schock stood behind his daughter’s date as they clasped hands, mimicking the pose the couple took.

The father then took the photos and posted on Imgur that said “Whatever you do to my daughter I will do to you.”

Ricarra Schock’s mother, Sharee shared the moment and added the caption, a statement Benjamin Schock had once made.

“My husband is a big-hearted teddy bear,’ Sharee Schock told Buzzfeed. “So it was his way of being silly with a pinch of ‘I’m watching you, buddy.’

The photo has been a hit since Schock posted it on her personal Facebook page and has since racked 3 million views on Imgur.

Sharee Schock said the family was surprised the photo has received the attention it has and it shows “the love and protective nature of a dad with his little girl” in a playful manner.