Youth football team scores touchdowns for breast cancer research

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DENVER -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and organizations everywhere join in by rocking the color pink to raise awareness and by raising money for research .

A local football coach is getting his young players to not only support the cause but also teaching them about the importance of making a difference too.

Saturday morning football during the month october is never complete without a touch of pink.

Eric Demgen, the head coach for the South Jefferson County Mustangs, is big on teaching his young players to great athletes on the field and great men off it.

So when his team prepared for its annual show of support for breast cancer awareness -- he saw a great opportunity to do just that and more.

“We’ve always worn the pink socks to kind of bring awareness,” said Demgen. “But we’ve never told the kids exactly what it’s for. This is the first year we really took the steps to tell the kids what it's for."

Stephanie Wyatt’s son plays for the Mustangs. She’s helping coach Demgen on the education side.

"Almost every boy on this team has had a mother, a grandmother, a cousin, an aunt that has been affected by breast cancer,” said Wyatt.

She says breast cancer isn`t the easiest topic to discuss with a group of 8 year-old boys, but it’s worth it.

“We’re meticulously getting through that and they are handling it like men,” said Wyatt.

The Mustangs are learning about the value of sacrifice too.

Every time the mustangs score a touchdown, they pass around the 'touchdown bucket' to collect donations and money that would normally go toward the team and new equipment is going toward the cause instead.

“We know that there’s people that need it more than we do,” said Demgen. “We’re taking all of the money we raise in October and donating it to the Susan G Komen fund.”