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Riverside Cemetery hosts moonlight history tours

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DENVER -- Riverside is Denver’s oldest cemetery, established in 1876, the year Colorado became a state. The graveyard is also a tour through Colorado history. Many of the monuments and tombstones have names all too familiar to many who know names of mountains, streets and counties.

“This facility is kept up by the Fairmount Heritage Foundation,” Bob Burchik said. “We lost a water rights battle with Denver Water so now we plant native and buffalo grasses. We also have a big volunteer cleanup each March.”

Colorado State University has also helped keep some beauty in the cemetery by having students volunteer to plant other flowers and plants that need limited amounts of water.

On Saturday and Oct. 23-24, the facility will host the Moonlight History and Mystery tours.  On Oct. 26 will be the Moonlight Euphoria when a full photo shoot will happen. And on Oct. 30 will be the Hops n’ Mysteries Tivoli Beer fundraiser

For ticket information, visit the Fairmount Heritage Foundation's website.