Father pranks mom into thinking her 3-year-old dies in ATV explosion

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YouTube prankster Roman Atwood and his son worked together to scare Atwood’s girlfriend, who ended up in tears.

In a video called “Blowing up my kid PRANK!!!” has been viewed more than 5 million times.

The video shows Atwood and his son Kane riding an ATV together and meeting with Atwood’s girlfriend Brittney Smith. They ask her to get the checkbook so they can buy it, then Atwood places a dummy in Kane’s place as the boy runs to sit in a car.

When Smith returns, the remote control-powered ATV begins to move, causing Atwood and Smith to run after it. The ATV then flies over a ramp and is made to look like it explodes.

Smith runs to the explosion, then realizes it was all a prank.

“That’s not funny,” she yells.

“I know. It is kind of funny.” Atwood says.

Smith then kicks Atwood.

Atwood has pulled other pranks and posts them to his YouTube channel.

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