Two Denver sheriff’s deputies fired, one suspended in recent weeks

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DENVER -- Two deputies were recently fired from the Denver Sheriff Department, another big problem for a department that has had its share of them.

Both deputies were fired about one month ago, but their disciplinary letters were just released Tuesday.

Christopher Pratt was on unpaid leave in June 2014 when investigators said he used his badge to threaten an upstairs neighbor. The neighbor had stomped on the floor after being annoyed by music coming from Pratt's apartment.

His discipline later states he told the neighbor he would make "false accusations of domestic violence" if the neighbor ever stomped on the floor again.

Robert Roybal supervised laundry operations at the downtown detention center. Surveillance video showed an inmate who ran the laundry exchange did pat searches on three inmates while Roybal watched.

Roybal's discipline letter said he "looked in the direction of the inmates being pat searched three separate times," allowing a favored inmate to do Roybal's job.

A third deputy was suspended 10 days for texting and "web surfing" on her phone instead of paying attention during a murder trial.

Last week, the sheriff's department issued a news release to update reform efforts at the jail, which included 400 recommendations and $24 million in new funding.

The money would allow the hiring of nine deputies for high-risk areas in the jail and four more investigators for the Internal Affairs Bureau, which has been very busy this year.

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