Broncos are 5-0; some fans and analysts are critical of offense

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Peyton Manning

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — It seems a little crazy. The Broncos are undefeated yet social media, talk radio and even publications like the Washington Post are calling for a quarterback controversy in Denver.

It was even a topic at Dove Valley on Monday afternoon. Coach Gary Kubiak was asked if he has considered replacing Peyton Manning with backup quarterback Brock Osweiler to shake up the struggling offense.

“No, Peyton is doing just fine,” Kubiak said.

But what does Broncos Country think? We set up a very nonscientific poll on the 16th Street Mall to find out.

We had a bag of beans and two jars — one for Manning and one for Osweiler — and asked Broncos fans to cast their vote for who they want starting at quarterback Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

Some of the responses we got:

Pro-Manning: “Everybody goes through a dry spell. He’s just having a dry spell right now and more than likely he’s going to show out next week.”

Pro-Osweiler: “The offense needs to score more points. It’s 80 percent on the defense right now.”

Pro-both: “(Manning) had so many problems last year at the end of the season after the St. Louis game, it would be smarter to save him for when we need him.”

After two hours of nonscientific polling, Manning’s jar had more than five times as many beans as Osweiler’s.

It’s called overreaction Monday in the NFL for a reason, but the quarterback conversation is brewing.

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