Woman says her 1938 revolver disappeared during move to new apartment

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AURORA, Colo. -- At her quaint apartment in Aurora, Connie Taylor has boxes stacked to the roof. She knows she'll be unpacking for weeks. She hired a reputable moving company called All My Sons from Denver.

“They seemed to be fine until I went and looked for my gun and it wasn’t in the dresser,” Taylor said.

Her recently inherited 1938 revolver was gone.

She said All My Sons moving company told her they wrap all furniture they move in plastic and they don't think one of the employees had access to it after that.

Taylor filed a police report even though the company said police haven't contacted them.

FOX31 Denver also checked the moving company's Better Business Bureau rating and found no complaints.

Experts said the best advice is to move valuables yourself and to make sure your inventory and the mover’s inventory match before you unload.