Woman does everything right to keep from becoming victim of police impersonator

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WHEAT RIDGE, Co. — A police impersonator targeted a woman in her Wheat Ridge home Wednesday evening. “He said I am so-and-so from Wheat Ridge Police Department,” the victim told FOX31. “Something happened to your son and I need you to come with me.”

She said she got an uncomfortable feeling from the man because he was not wearing a uniform.

“He showed me a badge and I pretended like I couldn’t see it and I read the badge number but I said I needed to get my reading glasses so I can read it,” the woman explained.

She locked her door and called 911 to verify the badge number.

“This was a textbook case. This woman did everything right,” said Wheat Ridge Police Commander JD Jepkema.

The man turned out to be a fake. He left when the woman called police.

“He showed her a badge but it wasn’t a police badge. It was just a gold badge with some numbers on it,” Jepkema said.

A real badge will always display the city, county or state logo, jurisdiction name and the officer’s rank.

This is the third police impersonation case in the Denver metro area this week. The victim in the Wheat Ridge case credits those news stories for her quick thinking.

“I wouldn’t have done that had I not watched the news,” she said.

Police are still looking for the suspect who approached her door. He is described as a white or hispanic male in his 30’s. He is thought to be 6’4” weighing 200 pounds with short dark hair and dark eyes. He was seen wearing a yellow button up shirt and green khakis. Call police if you have any information.​