Drivers warned of police impersonator in Castle Rock

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Police in Castle Rock are warning drivers about a possible police impersonator. The warning comes after a man was arrested in Denver for allegedly trying to do the same thing.

Police said a driver called police Tuesday morning and said he was pulled over about 8 a.m. in the Castle Oaks area by a maroon Crown Victoria with red and blue flashing lights on the visor and a spotlight.

The man said the man in the Crown Victoria had a beard and was wearing blue jeans and a jacket with an orange badge.

"Thinking this was probably not a legitimate police officer, the man activated his hazard lights and drove away slowly," police said in a news release. "Eventually the driver of the Crown Victoria turned onto another road."

Police are asking drivers to be vigilant if they are pulled over by an unmarked vehicle.

Police said if drivers believe they are concerned, they are advised to activate their hazard lights and drive to a police department or another well-lit and populated area, and to call 911.