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Dozens of cars damaged by debris on I-25; police response upsets driver

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DENVER — A chaotic scene ensued on southbound Interstate 25 at West Sixth Avenue on Tuesday night, and at least one driver who found herself in the middle of it wasn’t happy Wednesday morning.

Though Denver police reports on the incident were still fairly vague Wednesday morning, dispatchers were reporting about 40 vehicles were disabled on the interstate after a piece of metal and some other ceramic-type materials had been spilled in the road.

One woman, who only wanted to be identified as Theresa, confirmed those early reports, saying as she approached Sixth Avenue she noticed at least 15 cars pulled off to the side of the road.

Within seconds, she said she hit something with such impact she “thought my car was going to flip over.”

“I had to fight to keep control (of the vehicle),” she said.

Saying it seemed accurate that about 40 vehicles were involved in the incident, Theresa said she was disappointed it took police “so long to respond.” She said she watched several more cars hit the debris before officers arrived.

She also said some drivers nearly crashed into the stalled vehicles trying to avoid the debris, and that her vehicle suffered tire and undercarriage damage.

Theresa indicated she suffered an arm injury after hitting the debris, but said she was told police “would not write up a report” unless she was requesting an ambulance.

Cameras captured shots of police directing tow trucks onto the scene and removing cars from the highway late Tuesday night.