Moose fight in Alaska neighborhood caught on video

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Cool weather means hot tempers for moose in Alaska. With mating season in full swing, the fight for procreation is on.

On Friday, that fight spilled out of the wild and into a south Anchorage subdivision.

A father and son had front row seats for the fight on Friday night.

“All of a sudden, these two guys just started going at it,” Bill Tyra said.

The two bull moose duked it out at the peak of rut season, fighting over a female, naturally.

“It was crazy, like something right out of Alaska what you'd expect,” Tyra said. “I'd actually seen this in the wild, you know, 100 yards away in binoculars."

Tyra never expected to see the action this close to his home.

"They were literally about 8 to 10 feet from us at one point,” Tyra said.

The battle started in a neighbor’s driveway.

"And we were right up in here in the edge, so there's a car sitting there,” Tyra said. “We're behind the car. And I'm filming the video from behind the car."

As the battle spilled onto the street, Tyra and his son Josh ran for safety.

"I filmed a lot of that video from about right here,” Bill Tyra said.

He and his son were just 10 feet away from more than 1,000 pounds of Alaska-grown moose with the antlers swinging.

"There's like hair flying everywhere,” Josh Tyra said. “And one was just like carrying the other one all the way across the street."

One moose finally got the upper hand and the fight came to an end.

"He was ready to flip the other one over again, and they separated approximately right here in the street, then one ran down the street and the winner kinda stood here in the street, kinda you know I am the victor, 'We are the champions' kind of thing,” Bill Tyra said.

And it was a matchup to remember – and a moment too good not to share.

"And a lot of people are just amazed, as I was,” Bill Tyra said. “I got to watch it for real. But they get to live through my video."

On social media, second-hand spectators weighed in on the “Only in Alaska” moment. One commenter rated the fight as more entertaining than the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing match.