Colorado man tips Alaska massage therapist $5,000 for $120 massage

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Airports can be frustrating and make people grumpy.

But that couldn't be further from the truth for a man returning to Colorado from a hunting trip in Alaska, according to KTUU.

He went to a spa at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage and got an hour massage.

"He was sad because he said that he only got a wolf and his friend got a bear and a moose," massage therapist Kaleigh Hansen said. "So he thought he deserved the massage more."

The bill was $120. But the man was feeling generous and added a $5,000 tip.

"Even my co-workers quadruple checked," Hansen said. "They asked him 'Are you sure? Did you put too many zeros on there?' But he told them it's what he wanted to give."

Hansen said she will do nice things for other people with the money, like the man did for her.  But she plans to save most of it.