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Business puts LoDo building up for sale because of homeless problem

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DENVER -- Twelve years ago, Ireland’s Finest painting company decided to get in on the action in lower downtown. Little did it imagine that troubles with an ever-growing homeless population would force it to sell the building at 2265 Lawrence St.

“We tried to work with the agencies around here, but they are expanding, to serve even more people who make their homes on the street,” Ben Reder said. “We have put in extra security for our workers, cameras to catch those defacing the building and barbed wire to keep them away from our dumpsters, where any and everything happens … from drug use to sex … and nothing has seemed to work.”

Snooze Eatery said it has a working relationship with the homeless who sleep on its sidewalks. Employees wake them up a half hour before opening for breakfast, and they amble over to the other side of the street.

The area is used for natural breaks and has an awful odor that can be smelled throughout the  neighborhood.

While police have stepped up patrols, even the homeless know cops won’t stop and search them, so drug use is rampant.

“Two reasons more and more folks are coming by the bus load — meth and ability to get free medical work," one man said.

While not raising the white flag so to speak, the owner of Ireland's Finest is raising the "for sale" sign.