Arapahoe High parents receive letter about policy prohibiting ‘grinding’ at dances

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Parents with students at Arapahoe High School received a letter from the principal Monday banning a specific type of dancing ahead of the annual homecoming celebration and dance.

Principal  Natalie Pramenko asked for parents' support as school authorities implement a new dancing policy.  FOX31 Denver received a copy of the letter from a parent and the new policy specifically prohibits "grinding."

Part of the letter sent to parents reads:

"No longer will front-to-back dancing or 'grinding' be allowed.  If you are not sure what that means, I would suggest you "Google it." Though you will be certain to see images that may surprise you, please rest assured, our Warriors don't take it to an extreme level. We just don't want to get there!"

The letter also informed parents that students would be shown a video announcement from school officials with a message Pramenko said was "intended to inform and protect" all of the students.

Read the full letter sent home to Parents at Arapahoe High School here.

Students reportedly may face legal ramifications if they touch someone inappropriately with or without consent, the letter states.

"I hope you will have a conversation with your son or daughter and encourage appropriate behavior at all school activities, including dances."

Many are making comparisons of this policy to the situation in the movie "Footloose" where a small town banned dancing for nearly a century until a group of teenagers challenged it.