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6-year-old girl runs lemonade stand at police department, learns valuable lessons

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Six-year-old Annabella Kunse from Broomfield can’t spell the words “community service,” but with a little help from her mom Jaimi, she’s learning what It means.

“I wanted her to know that community service is a way of life rather than something you got to do when you were older," her mother Jaimi Kunse said.

And what better place to start than at the Lakewood Department of Public Safety.

“We started with Broomfield where we live and then just kind of branched out to the other police departments as we go,” Kunse said.

The setup is classic "kid" lemonade with cookies, pudding and, of course, lukewarm lemonade served up in plastic cups.

There is no charge for the goodies, but there is a tip jar, that is filling up fast.

“Learning customer service. How to treat other people but also the big thank you. There’s people out there who do a lot of us.” Kunse said.

All the proceeds from the tip jar, in excess of $40, will go to buying more goodies to set up future lemonade stands.

Annabella may not know how to spell “community service,” but she doesn’t have to since she already knows how it's done.