Couple captures Broncos fans in moments of glory

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DENVER -- In the hours leading up to the Broncos game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings game Sunday, the sound was heavy but the mood was light.

No one had won and no one had lost just yet.

“The pulse of America that you get from this is that people are great everyplace. They are welcoming, they’ve got a great spirit. Competition, but fun at the same time.  It’s American.  And it really is one America,” Bernie said.

Professional photographers Peg and Bernie should know.

“Let’s get you with the stadium behind you, perfect,” Peg said as she arranged a group photo.

“The setups they do and the amount of work that they do, it’s got to get some recognition. … Every little detail, like this girl with the feathers in her hair,” Bernie said.

They aren’t necessarily Broncos fans,; they are people fans.

“We just love tailgating.  I love football,” Bernie said.

Together for 45 years and on the road full time for the past six, Peg and Bernie plan to stop in every NFL stadium in the country.

“Denver is No. 21 of 31,” Peg is overheard telling a fan.

In Denver, they pick up bits of history, local flavor and flair.

“You start to see the little flags and the decals and the fan gear,” Bernie said. “Certainly they talk a lot about the 12th man and I would say that Denver has a really superb 12th man."

"The closer you get, the more you realize this is a community spirit thing,” added Peg.

More than taking, they are giving these photos to the fans.

“Everybody feels good about other people and being with them and it’s a common, shared experience in life,” Peg said.

With each shot, a memory is made.

“The four of you, get together real quick, let me get a picture of you.  It will be online Friday, help yourself,” Peg said.

Living proof of a time when everyone has a common goal and everyone gets along.

“When we leave it’s like, check, done.  Number 21. Done,” Bernie said.

Beg and Bernie’s photographs of tailgaters and fans will be online Friday. at​.